The cats are back with this enticing EP from CamelPhat. Suara hardly needs an introduction as they keep banging out top notch music! And those Camels, they are thirsty for fun and love to party! They make that clear with the pleasureful tech house “Deets” track. Move it or loose it Lovers, Deets EP is a wild ride! Remember the great Jim Morrison and his lyrics “Just close your eyes, Forget your name, Forget the World, Forget the People” in the potent “Lizard King” track. Break free with “The System” with a different vibe than the rest of the EP, but still a sexy song to break out for the dance floor. Have fun with this one Lovers, it has a taste of the old mixed with the new for everyone!


Artist: CamelPhat
Release Date:
Label: Suara
Label:Catalog No: Suara257

CamelPhat – Deets
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Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor