Teenage Mutants

Listen: https://open.spotify.com/album/59WoCic1VzW9qox5cE3u0p?si=NcO95t2ZTNmQRW7mEslhzw&dl_branch=1
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The Teenage Mutants are back on Acid, taking us for the Rebirth of the clubs with a 4 tracker, after raving in a german living room for too long. Enjoy the trip!

This is Filth on Acid NOW

Rebirth opens up with cantering drums and flashes of synth that light up the groove. The bass booms and the whole track races forwards, taking you with it. Paulus sets off on big, wooden kick drums that are overlaid with fizzing synth energy and cosmic rays of light. Huge hi hats add scale and an epic breakdown is followed by a powerful drop. Evolve is first and is a big, bouncy acid techno cut with lighting synths and plenty of pent up energy to blow the crowd away. Last of all, Pandemonium ups the ante with swampy bass and synths bringing a dark and dystopian vibe as the hard edge drums bang the groove.

This is another visceral offering of essential acid tracks.

Artist: Teenage Mutants
Title: Rebirth EP
Record Label: Filth On Acid
Release Date: 7th October 2021 [Beatport (2 weeks)], 21st October 2021 (all other stores)

1) Rebirth
2) Paulus
3) Evolve
4) Pandemonium (with Heerhorst)