Brand new festival The One In The Woods arrives just outside Liverpool



Jeff Mills, Ben Klock, Lucy, Nastia, Sub Focus, Camo & Krooked, Friction, DJ Marky and more all play just outside Liverpool.

A short time from now, in a woodland 20 minutes outside of Liverpool, another world lies waiting to be discovered. That world is The One in the Woods, and it opens its portals for a much anticipated debut from July 17th – 18th, when you will be invited to break free from the boundaries of space and time and lose yourself on three different stages of music provided by world class talents including Jeff Mills, Ben Klock, Rebekah, Lucy, Nastia, Perc, Slam, Sub Focus, Camo & Krooked, Friction, DJ Marky, Fabio & Grooverider, Lauren Lo Slung, Bontan and many more. Get your two day Covid-19 protected weekend passes and afterparty tickets for just £65.

This sure to be labyrinthine event encourages you to explore the enchanted woodland setting, get lost in the trees, follow the sound of the bass and experience alternative realities a million miles away from everyday life. It will be a setting for music lovers, with mesmeric production, crystal clear sound and welcoming crowds of people eager to leave behind the 9-5, or the confines of their own living room, as much as you are.  Next to three stages of carefully curated music, there will be hosts of mouthwatering food stalls, fun attractions and boutique extras all dotted around the site to make it a perfectly escapist and mystic world to explore the summer. 

Providing the sounds will be a who’s who of pioneering names form the worlds of techno, drum & bass and house including Jeff Mills, Ben Klock, Rebekah, Nastia, Perc, Slam, Kusp, Lucy and Dave Angel, drum & bass from Sub Focus DJ Set, Camo & Krooked, Friction, DJ Marky, Koven Turno, Matrix & Futurebound, Fabio & Grooverider, Altern8, Benny L B2b Danny Byrd, Calyx & Teebee, Doc Scott B2b Loxy, Hype and house from Bontan, Mele, Lauren Lo Sung, Bobby Analog and more.

The One is a group of friends who have worked together for many years in both Liverpool and Manchester. They first formed The One in 2019 and after big plans for a launch event, COVID struck and everything was on hold. Rather than hang around, though, the team saw it as a chance to go big and so they secured this exclusive 5000 capacity site in a forest, 20 minutes outside of Liverpool with strong access links to the cities, including both train stations and bus stops within walking distance of the entrance and extensive car parking facilities. With deep roots in the drum and bass scene going back to the early noughties, the team have some serious know how, plenty of contacts and the experience needed to pull off this large event with style. 

This is set to be a stunning debut event that brings something new and exciting to the region, all in a magical setting that will make for a beautiful backdrop.