Originally from Sligo, Ireland, Brame & Hamo have released their third EP, ‘Kebab Dreams’, on their imprint, Splendor & Squalour . Transplanting to Berlin the two are quickly rising to the ring of names to get familiar with but without a doubt are no strangers to scene. The duo have been putting in the work with their podcast shows, fresh remixes, and recent huge releases on not only their label but also the Dirt Crew Label and Heist Recordings. Their unique style and originality are a force to be reckoned with.

First up on the EP is “Kebab Dreams” and it definitely has us grooving with its effortless funk and instrumental vibes. “Cert City” happens to be a homage to the town of Sligo and is a lovely sum up of classic house music. The use of heartening piano, strings, horns and a clipped but mellow vocal sample; it is easy to hear why we have made this our highlight of the EP. Wrapping it up, “Retch Wretchedness’”has a rainy day feel with a darker but still funky experimental jazz sounds. This whole EP is easily described as music made for the ears.


Release Date: 2016-03-21
Labels: Splendor & Squalour
Catalog #: SPSQ 003


– anam

Ana Martinez

Contributing Editor