As Boyanza Records go full circle for one year we wanted to catch up with the label, a force to be reckoned with, churning out high quality output since their inauguration. They commemorate the occasion with their “Primera Collecion” compilation, bringing together several artists and friends, blurring the lines between genres and maintaining the quality.

Congratulations on turning one. How has the start of the year been for you? 

It’s been a rough year for our community and industry. To be honest we still feel a bit uncertain on how this year will go. However, we’re still positive and focusing on the good things, it looks like the world will be slowly returning to normality, let’s hope so. We have big plans for this 2021, collaborating and contributing with people all around the world. 

How did the Boyanza journey begin? 

Boyanza started in a small loft downtown in Mexico City around November 2019. A small party in which we gathered friends and family that just wanted to dance and have a good time. Even though the challenges were difficult we had a great time. After a couple of weeks, our curator Rafael Tena (Rafatel) had some tracks ready to be released but felt frustrated with all the label process. Although labels play a huge part in our scene, sometime the process can be long and tiring. We had the concept and image, so we decided to launch the label, with the idea of giving young talented producers (and established producers) an opportunity to put their tracks out there. Our first official release was on January 2020. After our first release Rafatel contacted Gaude (Patricio Gaudelli), long time friend and producer from Miami. And after a few talks they decided to release an EP and incorporate Gaude to the team. Leaving him in charge of operations in Miami. After that, the label just started running and we noticed a great response from people. 

The label is established between Mexico and Miami, do you think both of these places influence the direction of the label? What do both places offer musically? 

The first connection we noticed between cities was the Latin community. Both cities are extremely warm in terms of people, climate, and vibe. In addition, both cities have a great electronic music scene. On one side, Mexico City is a huge city full of microscenes. In the past 10 years, it has established as one of the most important cities worldwide speaking, offering a huge amount of parties, events and festivals. Artists are really diggin the vibe, as upcoming promoters and labels are putting their word out there. On the other hand Miami has always been a party city. Hosting the Miami Music Week & Art Basel, party is in Miami’s DNA. However we noticed that it may be difficult for upcoming artists to put their voice out there. That is why we decided to launch the label collaborative between cities. Also, Mexico and USA have a rich history in sharing and exporting goods and services. We truly think there is a true connection between cities, and also to give artists presence in other countries. 

The forthcoming compilation is a great selection of different moods, is this something important to yourselves and the label? How did you decide which artists to invite on board? 

Electronic music has changed a lot throughout the years. We are true passionate of the genre. However, we noticed that just focusing in one genre or type of electronic music was against our principles. Our favourite dj’s and producers are not afraid of experimenting through the genre spectrum, and that is a bit what we are trying to do, always keeping a certain style. Our process of curation was made around that ideal. We really want to show the true power of electronic music. Not limiting us, and making every one of our producers be part of a beautiful community. We invited fellow dj’s, collectives and producers that we really admire. Some of them are upcoming and some of them are very established. The process was fun and we learned a lot.

Do you ever have any other Boyanza news you can tell us about at this stage? 

We are planning future releases for April/May, very exciting tracks to be honest. Also, as the world is slowly re-openning, we a planning to reactivate a bit our party project. Planning events in Mexico City, Miami, Tepoztlan and San Miguel. We are also receiving demos, so if you are reading this, don’t be afraid and send us something

Can you choose one track which sums up the labels inspiration? (Youtube Link) 

Difficult question!

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