If you love house music but find it hard to get excited about the new stuff, look no further than this new compilation. It comes from a French label that is truly innovating with afro sounds, big beats and essential grooves from a new school of producers. 13 of them feature here and make for brillaint listening, all made for sunny days. 

Highlights are plenty here, from Immrtlt Pst Mrtm which is a blissed out, horizontal instrumental cut with sun kissed synths and curious keys, to the jazzy grooves of Untitled from Kabaka. Its cerebral and lush, inviting and innovative. There are also more dancehall leaning cuts from DJ Lycox which are all about bass wiggling, then slick electronic cuts like Suggestions from Sottoh that you can image Zip dropping and sending people wild. 

Coaster Collage goes hard, with monstrous drums hammering home an afro groove that gets you skipping and sweating, an someone called Greg leans on the chipped up kicks and loops of footwork and juke for his masterful and manic Ka Bum Ce Tambem Bate. Never settling in one place and always coming up with fresh moods and grooves, what ties all these cuts together is their world spirit and authentic production values. Nothing here is plastic or dull. 

You’d be hard pushed to find a collection of tracks as interesting and new sounding as this one. 

Boukan Records compilation: Only Heat Music is out now! Buy it here: https://www.beatport.com/label/boukan-records/71652