Residing in Delhi India, is highly regarded music fanatic, Gaurav Malaker. Known for pushing the boundaries and limits of sound in his home country, touring each and every corner, creating new hubs and music communities as he goes. His forward thinking live set in recent months has caught the eyes and ears of discerning sound followers, but also Red Bull endorsed.

To round off the year he brings his Blot! alias forward on a fresh project from the man himself entitled, Of Another. ‘Brightest Dark’ consists of three tracks taking you through Malaker’s spectrum of sound.

As the year comes to an end we asked him his highlight tracks of 2019…

1) Rampa feat. WhoMadeWho – Tell Me Are We – Innervisions
This is definitely amongst my top tracks for the year. Great vocal work, does all the right things on the dancefloor and otherwise.
2) Bog, Gheist – Venere (Fideles Remix) – ATLANT
This track has this nice dreamy, joy in pain sort of impact on the listener. Again, very versatile and really good songwriting.
3) Erol Alkan – Spektrum (Matrixxman Remix) – Phantasy
Love this really relentless wonder.
4) BLOT! – Desire Of Suitors (Original Mix) – Seven Villas
Possibly a bit biased to this…but I’ve heard it so many times in the past year while making it. Now its made its way into my top tracks for 2019.
5) Same Little Thing (Michael Mayer Remix) – Weval – Kompakt
Just a great piece of music with a nice, distinct vibe to it.

BLOT! at The Red Bull Studios in Berlin: