Steyoyoke’s latest release Soturno by BLANCAh is like living a dream in music. These 3 original tracks are full twists and turns. It’s a perfect delivery of BLANCAh’s amazing musical production along with what Berlin based Steyoyoke prides on delivering. Its relishing sounds to invoke conscious energy within us.

“Soturno” brings heat right from the first 10 seconds of the track with beat pumping maracas in front of giant bass and synths. It transforms with delicate tones and melodic moving horns amongst fantasizing synths and keys. “Arestas” is full of energy that just keeps building into a melodic track with vibrant sounds. “Ode A Um Corpo Imperfeito” is aerial with a sweet quintessence of synths and driving percussion. The entire EP is delightful, full of vitality and fervor.


Artist: BLANCah
Release Date:
Label: Steyoyoke
Catalog No: SYYK045

BLANCah – Soturno


Becky Nutt
Contributing Editor