With full EP ‘And Salford Falls Apart’ to drop in November

Preston’s prodigious son sets upon Salford: Blackhaine hails his riveting 2nd EP with lead cut Hotel; a cathartic two-part story of redemption from drug-induced purgatory, produced by North West comrade Rainy Miller from a palette of efflorescent ambient noise and nerve wrecked grime.

In its transition from stomach knotted dread to exhaustive, prang-out negative ecstasy, Hotel bruisingly expounds on the drill blooz of Blackhaine’s track Blackpool from 2020’s breakthru debut; the Armour EP for Rainy’s Fixed Abode. It epitomises his iconoclastic approach and deconstructed aesthetic, clashing the North West’s longheld obsessions with rap, punk and dance musicks in a brutally poetic expression of working class heritage and purview.

Building on shocked acclaim for Blackhaine’s choreography of Kayne’s Donda album playback and videos for Mykki Blanco and Flohio; the November release of the full EP, And Salford Falls Apart, is primed to galvanise the urgency of Blackhaine’s message and ricochet thru both the underground and popular consciousness. 

Blackhaine performs at his spiritual home The White Hotel, on 25th September, 2021 for an EP launch on the venue’s new label HEAD II, with support from Varg²™, Croww, susu laroche, and Conor Thomas.

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