Florida’s Black V Neck are inserting levity back into the dance music. Priding themselves on their infectious house sound and their subtle jesting at elitism sweeping the underground, the Miami-bred outfit are coming up in a landmark way via their first solo EP on DIRTYBIRD.

Mouth Music is a cheeky two-tracker made to rile up the club crowd. Both of its tracks carry the raunchy, booty-bumping sound that its home label is known for. Its eponymous A-side immediately launches listeners into a bed of bass-heavy tech with quirky vocal samples and bouncy synths. Then comes the infectious, “Sex, Drugs, Alcohol”—an homage to lighthearted debauchery and bonding on the dancefloor. The closer’s playful energy emulates the duo’s breakout hit, “Let Me Smash,” and is primed to be another key weapon in the pair’s sets.

Keep eyes on Black V Neck as they continue ascending the house music ranks and picking up gigs across the states.