Natural Calamity – And that’s saying a lot (Groove Armada’s 2nd dub)

This is an early gem from Groove Armada, I was a big Nuphonic fan but I first heard this remix on a compilation from Irma Records called The Breakbeat Experience. I played it SO much back in the day and I think it still sounds incredible.

Bootsy Collins – Party Lick-A-Ble’s (Norman Cook Club Mix)

Someone made a white label dub bootleg of this remix, which I have somewhere, and it actually took me a few years to find out what they had bootlegged – this killer remix of a super funky Bootsy track courtesy of Norman Cook. One of Fatboy’s best IMO, the groove just oozes funk.

Cassius – La Mouche (DJ Falcon Metal Mix)

If I’m completely honest, I must admit hearing Raven Maize’s “Fascinated” (which samples this remix almost in its entirety, btw Raven Maize was/is Joey Negro) before hearing this remix and then having a WTF moment. Few tracks define the French Touch sound better than this!

Ian Pooley – What’s Your Number (Jazzanova Renumber)

During the short lived magical era of the nu-jazz/broken beat explosion, this was heard pretty much everywhere – and with good reason. I lost my copy somewhere but I still have it on a compilation called Break’n’Bossa, curated by Bruno Bolla. Still sounds amazing!

The Brand New Heavies – Shelter (Harvey’s Stomp Mix)

This is basically a groove that never ends, as far as I’m concerned this remix could b