Beth Lydi delivers the next banger on her label SNOE run with Andreas Henneberg from Berlin. Two thrilling tracks full of energy and loving sophistication stick in the Nordic Gateway EP for our pleasure.

Drawing inspiration from the frozen mountains and the wild sea, she releases a hypnotic fairytale in “Nordic Gateway”. Rippling percussions and a bouncy bassline leads the way towards the all powerful synth and punctilious stabs driving ever so forward.

In “Harstad” Beth Lydi strips it a bit back, although this does not mean slowing down. An infatuating groove rolls and growls forwards, met by an assemblage of soundscapes that sound like they are made by the little forest trolls themselves.

We dive head first into a drop that builds up tension before being released by a vigorous vocal. She shows us, sometimes you don’t need all that glitter and glam to make proper music.