Renowned for their sublime, lyrical take on dance music, DC / Berlin based duo Benoit & Sergio return to their spiritual home of Visionquest with some freshly crafted groove ridden thrills. More set in the smoke and heat of the club than their vocalised bittersweet visions, the Your Darkness EP showcases the duo at their dancefloor focused playful best whilst incorporating infectious vocal samples, searing melodies and pulsing rhythms. Opener Splash is at once murky and tropical as the bassline grinds underneath light footed percussion whilst title track Your Darkness is a deep and moody groover with signature rich synth work. Closing track Beat Macho is a wayward beast with a darker edge and satisfyingly complex chugging framework that makes for a heady trip into the depths of the night.


Artist:  Benoit & Sergio
Title:  Your Darkness EP
Label:  Visionquest
Catalog No.:  VQ043