[New Release]  The long awaited new EP from Benoit & Sergio on Visionquest is finally here.  An infectious sound and style, these two sure know how to make music that is timeless.  Their latest EP is another hit with three new original tracks that are simply stunning.  While labeled by Beatport as Deep House/Indie Dance,   ‘House Wave’ seems like a more appropriate sub-genre to give to Benoit & Sergio’s new wave, poppy, house sound.

‘Lipstick & Lace’ is a wonderfully upbeat track with catchy vocals, a bubbly bass line, and a contagious groove.  A lovely piece, ‘Not In Your Nature,’ is a great track with a stellar atmosphere, and vocals that are once again spot on.  ‘New Ships’ is a hypnotic new wave track with loads of groove and just the right amount of pop to make this track an instant classic.

Another smashing success from these two, Benoit & Sergio combine multiple genres together creating their own amazing unique sound that is simply sublime.  As always, we look forward to anything from these two and the visionquest label.


Artist:  Benoit & Sergio
Title:  New Ships EP
Label:  Visionquest
Catalog No.:  VQ018