[Release]  When people ask me how I like my music, I always tell them I like it sleazy! One label that has been keeping it sleazy since day one, is Sleazy Deep. Their futuristic deep nu disco sound has taken over the genre and can greatly be attributed to this label. We get their next release from Ben Clarke, Everybody is a gripping EP with stunning remixes from Jouhl and Dan Styles.

‘Everybody’ is a bass and percussion heavy track using a classic Madonna sample, giving it a modern new-age disco funk spin. ‘Tipsy’ has a seductively deep bass line and funky rhythm.

The last track, ‘Down Below,’ is the reason why I love this music. Deep, laid back, smooth, provocative, emotive — this is a quintessential deep track and a real groover. Jouhl’s remix of ‘Everybody’ is bass laden rework. Dan Styles’ heavy, futuristic take on ‘Tipsy’ nicely rounds out this record and typifies what Sleazy Deep is all about.

A great release from start to finish, all I can say is, “More sleaze please!”


Artist:  Ben Clarke
Title:  Everybody EP
Label:  Sleazy Deep
Catalog No.:  SLEAZY011

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