Here’s a great EP from Incroyable label mates, Bellville and Fabio Montana. The duo have teamed up for the first time and produced an impressive EP, “Time Machine”. This EP features not only the original “Time Machine” single but two awesome remixes from Hush & Sleep and Third Son.

“Time Machine” original is a gentle house groove. It is seven minutes in heaven with its deep melodic chords and rolling drums.

Third Son converts “Time Machine” into a dramatic driving adventure. The addition of heavier synths add a sense of seriousness and excitement. Last but not least, Hush & Sleep shift gears with it, transforming it into darker and deeper version.


ARTISTS: Third Son, Hush & Sleep, Bellville, Fabio Montana
RELEASE DATE: 2016-04-15
LABELS: Incroyable Music

Ana Martinez

Contributing Editor