Obscure Sydney-turned-Prague label, Beef Records, lives on the edge of genres. Since 2006, Dj Schwa, along with partner in crime Medallion Man, have released some juicy tunes on Beef. The label’s artist roster includes names like Pezzner, Ramon Tapia, Sean Roman, HNQO, NFTO, Smash TV, Uone, Shades Of Gray, and Dj Schwa, himself.

Dj Schwa has collected a stack Beef Records and compiled them into one mix for our 39th Label Lovers episode. Enjoy!

Beef Records – Label Lovers #039 mixed by Dj Schwa

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1. BUSZ™ – Anika’s Dreamland
2. JTRP – You And Me (Glenn Astro remix)
3. Champagne Internet – I Was Outside More In Winter
4. BUSZ™ – Atacama Dub
5. Rico Casazza – Yurican
6. Daniel Mencel – Detr Lazy
7. Dircsen – No Sign Of Life
8. Marc Karsten – Acid Sky
9. Dj Schwa – 6 Steps
10. Jepe – You
11. Name Does Not Matter – Helicopter
12. Dj Schwa & Posh – It’s All Over
13. Mobile Soul System – Dark Forrest
14. Ander B – Outta Space
15. BUSZ™ – Tipico Latino (El_Txef_A remix)


– jams
Jimbo James