Brighton-born BEC stands as one of the most exciting UK components on the current techno circuit, championing a strong female perspective with unbounded creativity and scope. Entering the next phase of her meteoric rise, BEC takes on The Course’s debut 1997 single ‘Ready Or Not’, which sampled the truly iconic 1996 original by the Fugees. Delivering two stylish interpretations in the form of a ‘High Vibration’ and ‘Rave’ remix, BEC provides a fresh listening experience for the modern audience — out now via the original Dutch label Altra Moda Music

Dubbed a ‘Rave Remix’, the first is a raw and rave-edged Techno cut with an outstanding piano stab present during and after the first drop. The high-impact hats and heavy kicks deliver unrelenting propulsion, allowing a free melodic space for the iconic bass riff to ring out. The second edit has many influences from the UK Jungle and Breakbeat spectrums. BEC uses the vocal sample for almost the entire duration of the remix with the help of filters to blend it to the fullest, in addition to her acid-breeding synthwork; a nod to her rooted techno sound palette. The tracks differ radically but are tied together with a sense of embedded excitement within their polyrhythmic drum patterns and dynamic arrangement. 

 Announcing her arrival on the circuit just 6 years ago, BEC has already proven herself to be a rich contributor to techno’s vibrant culture, courtesy of her all-too-recognisable heady and hypnotic productions. Possessing a certified mastery for euphoric techno anthems, BEC’s early releases were chartered via some of the circuit’s top-charting imprints, such as DrumcodeSecond State and Intec, to name a few. Although she remains a staple name within these world-renowned channels, 2020 saw a shift in focus for the Berlin-based talent, as she sought free expression in the pursuit of originality, subsequently launching her own eponymous label toward the beginning of the year. Having already worked with industry giants Roland and Novation on demos and product videos, BEC added Mercedes to her list of accolades at the end of last year, both producing the soundtrack for and starring in their techno-inspired advert for the new Mercedes-Benz CLA.