Beatamines is a Berlin based producer with a wide range of styles in his arsenal. He has released on the likes of Toolroom, Keno Records and Einmusika and regular plays at clubs around the world. He now releases on his label Lauter Unfug with 11 tracks of emotionally driven grooves that confirm he is one of the best out there. 
The album is very personal and means his own sounds come to the fore and each track is laden with musical personality. Red Mountain is first and is five and a half languid minutes of lazy deep house with gorgeous keys drifting up top. It sets the scene nicely and is a great opener. Spark then immediately picks up the pace with more driving drums and frazzled synths that will get the club going. 
David Keno is then a guest on Omega, a spine tingling cut with mellifluous melodies rolling over the drums. Tracks like Good keep you in a trance with their proper piano keys and dreamy chords all soothing the soul and Dark Shadows featuring Matchy gets more gritty and menacing, with rumbling bass and a spooky sonic landscape getting you on edge. 
Neighbours ups the ante with chords that keep you on your toes and the latter half of this cultured house journey plays out through the likes of Remember the Vibe, which is stripped back to rubbery drums and atmospheric pads, and the more spine tingling Third Eye feat Seth Schwarz, with its arcing pads and refuelled emotions. Pacific is the most peak time of the lot with busy and driving drums and New Fade and Frames both coming awash with lush chords and expansive pads that ooze real soul and musicality. All in all it is a complete house vision that you need to hear.