Following the single release of his EP’s title track, Irish producer Bantum returns with two more offerings to complete the ‘New Leaf’ EP. Using a multitude of instruments and samples throughout, the EP is an intriguingly uplifting release slathered with funk and downtempo influences. ‘New Leaf’ EP is available on all streaming platforms.

Hailing from Cork, Ireland, Bantum’s releases have always been optimistic and cheerful, but the year of lockdown has inspired a new energy in his productions. From top to bottom, ‘New Leaf’ utilizes the diverse skill set Bantum has developed and channels it into the most danceable and energetic tracks of his career. The EP opens with the title track, a jubilant party-starter balancing a mix of pulsing synths and a funky bass guitar riff. The bass keeps rocking as the EP moves into ‘Give You Up,’ a meticulously crafted groover that calls on spacious pads and vocal samples to set the mood. ‘New Leaf’ closes with ‘Stutter,’ an inspiring track that juxtaposes a simple drum loop with complex piano work for an exciting close to the EP.

I had this constant image in my mind of going back to a club or a party while writing the record. It’s funny that these are arguably the most danceable and upbeat tracks I’ve written when there’s nowhere to go yet to let loose! It’s been cathartic to produce this record and I can’t wait to play it live someday. The title is a direct reference to how I feel about this, like I’m turning a new leaf sonically‘ – Bantum