Gabriel and Marco, aka Balcazar & Sordo have been friends for many years in their home town of Guadalajara, Mexico. After many years of DJing and producing solo or in other partnerships, they decided to join their heads together and see what would happen. The results have been huge! In just a year they have released on some of the best house labels of today, their tracks being played all over the world by some of the most respected DJs in the scene including maceo Plex and Dirt Crew amongst many others. Kosmas first a Dj, one who feels the need to spread good vibes around, one who knows exactly how to fit the tracks in a row, to create a proper journey for the listener. His influences include Aphex Twin and The Chemical Brothers. His many productions and remixes have graced Get Physical, Sick Watona and Stranjjur to name just a few.

Joongl is a tasty percussive number, with a shoulder swaying groove, dotted with tasty fx, big phat synth hits, some soothing tinkles and some nice blippy acid. A brilliant timeless journey thats a fresh as a daisy and we are positive will be huge with so many DJs of many genres. Triste is a deep atmospheric workout that builds, with many cool layers adding depth, and then with fx and cool stabs suddenly the big phat synth springs in to action. A serious winner for the cooler dance floors for sure. And to close things off its Who Knows, a melodic brooding serious slab of goodness. Its pads create an air of mystery while the underlying subtleties create a cavernous soundscape to get lost in.


Artist:  Balcazar & Sordo + Kosmas
Title:  Joongl
Label:  Sudbeat Music
Catalog No.:  SB54