Mexico’s We Are Here Music are back with a slab of underground goodness. from an all Mexican team… Balcazar delivers two originals, kicking things off is the EP title track Heart Wide Open. A deep infectious moody number that steadily grooves along, while pads and FX encapsulate your mind. On remix duties of Heart Wide Open is Miguel Puente. The talented producer has appeared on Galaktika, No 19, OFF Records and Akbal amongst others, and here retains the serious attitude from the Original, but taking things darker with trippy laser like stabs meeting the growling bass, while tinkling melodics shed some light. Hoist Point is next, and its a subtle late night voyage that glides along, while understated acidic blips create a mysterious edge, before the punchy synth creates a further deepness. And to close things up on this package, its Issac and his tasty reworking.


Artist:  Balcazar
Title:  Heart Wide Open EP
Label:  We Are Here Music
Catalog No.:  WAHM007