It has been two months since Chicago-based trio, Autograf, graced our ears with their latest track, ‘ Metaphysical ‘, the first single to result from their recent signing with Counter Records. The group is predominantly known for their unique fusion of art and music, sparking creativity in all who follow. Delivering tracks that are comprised of funky melodies, soulful vocals and strong percussion elements, inviting playful mixing opportunities.

A myriad of remixes have emerged from this release by the likes of Fehrplay, Teenage Mutants, and most recently, Eau Claire and Ambassadeurs. While all remixes certainly provide a fresh new spin on the original, Ambassadeurs’ interpretation seems to brilliantly stand in a realm all its own.

Brighton-based producer, Mark Dobson of Ambassadeurs, known primarily for his eclectic blend of genres, manages to transform the track into an ambient experience, providing a unique take on the original. While still retaining the original’s uplifting qualities, Dobson transcends the listener into a ethereal, melodic journey.  Between the hypnotic vocals and captivating piano riffs, this track is the epitome of chill.

Ambassadeurs recently launched the latest EP, ‘Halos’ earlier this month, which consists of deep basslines and heavy atmospherics; a stark contrast from his funky, soulful 2012 hit, M.O.P.E..  Catch his latest album here.  The remix between Autograf and Ambassadeurs proved to be a real treat to the ears. We fervently anticipate upcoming collaborations in the future!


Artist:  Autograf , Ambassadeurs
Release Date: 2015-12-18
Label: Counter Records
Catalog No.:  COUNTDNL073B

Crystal Helman