Australian native Paul Marshman has built his reputation as one of Adelaide’s leading DJs over the last decade. The talent has been making waves the past couple of years with his recent releases, including his January hit ‘This Is What We Do’. Now back with his latest release ‘If It Wasn’t For You,’ Paul Marshman once again showcases his unique, melodic production style. Out now via Global League, ‘If It Wasn’t For You’ is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

‘If It Wasn’t For You’ kicks off with a captivating string instrumentation paired with awe-inspiring vocals, taking listeners into a moving soundscape. Rising in tension, the track builds melodically and rhythmically before erupting with a feel-good house progression. Rife with catchy vocals and big melodic drops, the new single encapsulates Paul Marshman’s unique and recognisable sound, combining progressive house with a touch of pop. The anthemic hit, conveying deep emotion, is relatable to everyone in one way or another. Keeping fans anticipating more from the Australian talent, ‘If It Wasn’t For You’ expands upon Paul Marshman’s creative vision and undeniably diverse style.

“If It Wasn’t For You was an idea that all started back in August of 2020. The original version was a much bigger EDM type track with huge synths & a stabbing bassline. After finishing the instrumental & in much need of a vocal I pitched the idea to a vocalist and let him run with it. Within a couple weeks he came back with the ripping vocals that you hear on the final version. Fast forward many months & versions later, I decided it was time to take a different approach on the track & scrap the original EDM idea and adjust the production to be a more commercial house sound that allowed the vocal to shine. This was the first time I’d produced a track to fit a vocal which was a scary proposition for me, but I loved every moment of it. The final version of the song conveys a deep emotion where the vocals and production work perfectly together to create a catchy festival anthem for whether you are singing this to your friends, family, pet or even that special someone.”
– Paul Marshman