Following the release of his stunning single ‘Nambi’, rising electronic producer AUGUSTE returns to Sirup Music with an enchanting new single, ‘Crystal Streams’.

Flaunting his musical maturity and production prowess, AUGUSTE crafts a hypnotic soundscape with dramatic percussion, alluring vocals and sporadic synths. Introducing African-inspired rhythms, edgy synth lines and a deep bassline, ‘Crystal Streams’ builds steadily across its duration, keeping the listener captivated through evolving sounds and textures. With every release, this young producer indicates his passion for music production, showcasing his innate talent and creative drive.

Steadily building his musical repertoire, AUGUSTE’s signature style blends elements and sounds from all around the world, reflecting his diverse upbringing. Based on the harmonious combination of unique sound design and melodies, he effortlessly fuses elements, pushing musical boundaries within every production and set. From eastern-inspired psychedelia to pounding prime-time techno, his tracks and mixtapes prove that he is one of the industry’s most promising rising stars. With an array of new music on the horizon, AUGUSTE continues to position himself as one to watch.

AUGUSTE – Crystal Streams is out now via Sirup Music.