The latest from the Hot Creations camp finds the Audiojack boys teaming up with the man with the golden voice; Kevin Knapp, to bring us a heart pounding EP that has it’s cross hairs aimed directly at the dance floor. Born from a late night collaboration ‘somewhere near the bottom of a bottle of Chardonnay’ the clear chemistry between all three producers is evident inside every kick.

Commanding your ass to ‘ Vibrate ‘, the title track offers a hypnotizing vocal that lunges between the high hats and kick drum, before the well timed bassline finally comes crashing through the dance floor ceiling. Re:you is enlisted with remix duties, keeping the same pulsating vocals while turning the percussion on its head, while the duo Barem take a more unique approach with some tweaked out effects. The release comes to a close with ‘Random Matter ‘, driving and layered with a groaning melody that will keep the party going until the wee hours of the morning.


Artist: Re.youBaremAudiojackKevin Knapp
Release Date: 2015-01-29
Label: Hot Creations
Catalog No.:  HOTC072