[New Release] Akbal Music is certainly a label known for releasing top notch dance music. With a vast catalog of amazing tracks, the latest from Audiofly, Muan, and label head Robbie Akbal is another gem in their collection.  An incredible intoxicating track from this treacherous threesome also features remixes from Cozzy D and DeadEcho making this one, Secreto, an instant scorcher.

The title track, ‘Secreto,’ is a delightfully deep track with a wonderful bass line.  Perfectly sampling Ving Rhames from Pulp Fiction and giving the track a stellar feel with lots of layers and groove, expect to hear this one on dance floors worldwide. Overall this is an incredible track which fits many setting and moods.  Cozzy D picks up the tempo a bit and, in a Lower East style, puts his deep and dark touches on it while still keeping true to the funked-out style we all know and love from him.  DeadEcho provides his own acid-house style to the release with his ‘Acid Refix,’ which is a fantastic finish to this marvelous record.

Overall this is an amazing release for Akbal Music and from all the artists.   Akbal is always on the forefront of what’s hot and this EP is a testament to that.  With a great original mix and two magnificent remixes following it, expect to hear all of these tracks out and about.  As always, we look forward to what is next on the roster for all of these artists and can’t wait to see what Akbal Music has up its sleeve.


Artist:  Audiofly, Robbie Akbal & Muan
Title:  Secrteto
Label:  Akbal Music
Catalog No.:  AKBAL066

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