Los Angeles is an ever growing city with an even faster growing scene harboring some of the world’s best music and musicians.  As summer approaches, one of Los Angeles’ most respected musical philanthropists, Eduardo Castillo, is giving us all the greatest gift we could ever hope for – the gift of music.  Known for his wonderful productions on labels such as Crosstown Rebels and his eclectic DJ sets, this  downtown LA bar owner and party-thrower is once again giving back to the community.

For the summer, Eduardo teamed up with the city of Los Angeles and The Grand Park, to host FREE concerts in the park the last Sunday of each month. In addition, Pattern Bar will be serving up fine refreshments in the midst of the show.  We feel this is just what LA needs and will be a perfect addition to our growing music scene and establish Los Angeles even more as an epicenter for music. After just announcing a stellar summer line up, we can’t wait to see these parties unfold and see the community come together in the heart of this glorious city.

Here are the line ups and dates for the upcoming shows in the park:

May 26
Wolf + Lamb with Baby Prince / No Regular Play / Eduardo Castillo / Garth / Jeniluv / Wiseacre

June 30
Audiofly / Droog / Eduardo Castillo / … and more

July 28
Scissor + Thread Showcase with Francis Harris / Bob Moses / Gry and Eduardo Castillo … and more

Aug 25
The Leverage Agency Showcase with Acid Pauli / NU / Eduardo Castillo … and more

GRAND PARK SUNDAY SESSIONS from The Eclectech on Vimeo.

A wonderful reflection from the curator of this great event, Eduardo Castillo:

Since I moved to Los Angeles, almost 9 years ago, I always dreamt of the day when I would share amazing music with a trusting and open minded music community, in an outdoor setting while enjoying our perfect weather.  That day has come. Next Sunday May 26th,our friends at Grand Park will allow us all to revel on the stunning grounds of the park as we watch the sun move above us and set to the sounds of music that will inspire us and fill us with optimism and joy.  I’d like to instill a very important thought in everyone that is as excited as I am about spending our summer together. 

The Grand Park Sunday Sessions are unfolding thanks to the trust of the City Of Los Angeles, the County of Los Angeles and our dear friends at Grand Park, without them, this would not have been remotely possible.  Numerous minds and decision makers were involved in allowing these wonderful sessions to take place and with this comes immense responsibility.  A responsibility I am proud to take on.  I can’t do it alone however. I need your help! I need us all to prove that this trust is taken seriously and with pride and respect.  Our dance music, some like to call it EDM, has a tarnished reputation, with your help, I’d like to change that. 

 My vision of each day together at the park, involves families dancing on the grass, fans shaking their favorite artists’ hands, watching artists thanking their fans with a hug, children laughing, couples hugging and kissing, inspiration running through and through, and all of us seeing each day turn in to night with great hope for the month ahead, until the next session,  where we’ll meet and do it all over again. Think of this has your opportunity to do what’s right for us all.  Think of how empowering it is to know you have a say (by your actions) in how your city relates to what you love to enjoy. 

We must ALL cease this!

We need to enter the park with utmost respect for our communal home and utmost respect for a community that clearly longs for such a day without the sense of consumption overpowering it.

This is why the Sunday Sessions are FREE.  This is what Grand Park is all about.  I am truly honored to have this incredible opportunity in a city I love so very much.  I feel truly privileged to have such amazing artists share their talents with all of you. They were carefully chosen because everyone of them understands what they will be a part of, and how important this is for our city.  So, friends, let’s have an unforgettable summer, filled with nothing but optimism and love for our community.  Let’s prove to each other how important this is to us all.   

If you’re so inclined, please share these thoughts with your friends.

 Let’s make our city proud!



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