Union Jack Records 26th release is about to surface earth grounds. For this release Union Jack Records has turned its head in the direction of ”Uncle Sam” with no other than the Noir regular: Atnarko, who delivers a unique and special track featuring Lonely Boy. Union Jack’s 26th take is full of life and turns on different directions turmoiling your ears and senses, there is something for everyone with this one. We have regular names in the industry like Kosmas & Ricky Ryan and the label’s talented signee Nikolas Noam. Closer ”Original Mix” has a very peculiar rhythmic warmth. The melodic foundation followed by the percussion sounds and the closer vox is a perfect mood setter. Its whole self recreates for a moment a perfect beat mugger. La’s Lonely boy , whom creates a unique atmosphere , a throbbing and playful bassline goes on and on through out the track while a sudden change in it kicks in. Mayhem arrives, completely setting it into a must listen. Kosmas & Ryan’s Remix pays homage to the original track delivering a quality ouput of the main idea. They kick off with a ”spitting” hat sound that really gives it a unique groove. Reverberated sawy leads in the background and a melodic foundation twist the idea to new heights. They give it some time to simmer down, giving it a very galant breakdown opening the way of a unique melody which recalls of the original melodic warmness. German Nikolas Noam delivers a unique blend of sounds that create a new wave of grittier and mysterious sound that totally catches your ear, definitely a producer to watch out for.


Artist:  Atnarko feat. Lonely Boy
Title:  Closer
Label:  Union Jack Records
Catalog No.:  UJR026