Excited to see good friend Ashley Wild providing  the next instalment to one of our favorite labels, Dilate Records. Kiki (Bpitch, Crosstown Rebels) & Geddes (Tsuba) finish off this outstanding release. Ashley Wild has produced a masterpiece with stong rhythmic pads, deep lying bass notes and tranquil but haunting synth line. The remix from Kiki has been executed perfectly, he uses all elements of his knowledge to create a purely mesmerising piece of music. The quality of sound and clever writing structure is something to be admired offering a gem for peak time sets. The final piece to this well rounded EP comes from Geddes. His remix has a definitive old house style sound, but also a driving deep vibe with a lot of energy from start to finish.


Artist:  Ashley Wild
Title:  0.15
Label:  Dilate Records
Catalog No.:  DR015