Jean Pierre Cabrejo Reyes, the man behind the Tech-House alias Arzenic, speaks exclusively to Music is 4 Lovers about  a variety of topics including his home country of Peru, the scene there, how he sits down to write a track and the big release which is out now on Candy Flip imprint.

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How’s 2020 been for you, given the circumstances, what’s been good, what’s been bad?

I started this year with a lot of strength. I had a lot of prospective presentations coming on, but all were suddenly cutoff since the Covid-19. In the beginning losing all those events was disappointing, but later, I figured out, I could invest my time creating more music and learning more about production. In the end, one never stops learning!

You’ve got a huge release out on Candy Flip, the ‘Get Enough’ EP, excited?

Very excited. Sincerely, the positive reception of the track was huge. The release finished in hands of great artists such as Claptone, Riva Starr and Paco Osuna. Having received their encourage is amazing. I am thoroughly thankful with the Candyflip family for believing in my talent and work.

When sitting down to produce a track, do you always follow the same process, how do you approach production?

Yes, I do follow a similar process. Firstly, I try to gain inspiration from other artists (musicians, players, performers and producers), not only from electronic music, but also from music from the 70s and 80s that can lead my specific mood, where my basslines are born. I always produce standing up, where my creativity flies more and gives me the adequate groove for the track.

You’re from Peru, how’s the scene in your country and in South America?

Generally, the scene in Latin America has grown a lot in the last years and have had a global impact on the underground music. Here in Peru, I can see the scene is still young in comparison to many countries, but it is increasingly growing.

Signed to a variety of labels like High Pressur Music, Zildeep and others, do you produce with labels in mind, or do you complete a track and think about this after?

Lastly, I have been working with labels on my mind, but I always try to follow my music line on all tracks. Thanks to this, if a label does not accept the track, I have the chance to look after other labels with similar style.

If you could go b2b with any DJ in the world, who would it be and why?

I’d like to perform with Lexlay, Fisher or Tolinchilove. They have a unique energy in the stage, something I also try to keep up during my presentations to get a better interface with the audience.
What would be the dream festival for you to appear at?

Since I was a kid, I have always dreamt of performing at the “Ultra Music Festival”, where my favorite DJs play. In addition, Tomorrowland or Elrow are incredible parties where I would also like to perform. I will do my best to get there!

Fingers crossed things continue to improve, what else do you have planned for this year and beyond, anything you would like to tell the readers?

In the first place, I would like to thank for this interview and the Premiere of one of my tracks of the EP. MI4L is one of my favorite magazines, where I always find many fresh and new music. This year I am working on producing more and better music and heading to pose more releases in the industry. I am very thankful to all the people who has supported me since day one and to those who are adding up to my project. This year comes very strong, against all odds.