Hey! Great to meet you! How has 2022 been so far?

Hey hey! Thanks for having me. So far it’s been really good, I’m looking forward very much to the rest of this special year.

Tell us about your recent “Péché Mignon EP on Tamango – what was the aim with it?

I’m very happy to have released on this label, I always loved Tamango and it’s style: warm, percussive, fat techy grooves. Péché Mignon EP was definitely made with these vibes. I wanted to create cool, rolling, slightly weird club tracks. Triptease, the face B track, had great support and reached Beatport chart summits.

How do you evolve your own sound while staying true to your roots and own signature, and not jumping on new hype bandwagons?

By understanding what I like, and recreating in my own way the music and grooves I enjoy. Listening to other genres to keep an open mind and to get inspired. Finding a workflow that suits me, mastering it, always experimenting, and being consistent. Trends are cool, as long as I’m aligned with it and it’s done with love.

Do you make music that suits certain labels or do you create first and worry about that later?

I usually make music first when I feel like it, not really knowing what I’ll end up with. I think about the labels later on.

Do you feel a weight of responsibility as a female in the dance music industry?

I do feel some sort of pressure to excel in a male dominated world, but I don’t want to be viewed as just a female DJ. I just want to be appreciated for the music because this is what matters, not my gender or looks or anything else.

Who did you look up to? Who were your role models?

The DJs and producers I look up to the most are the Chicago House legends like Paul Johnson & Armando (RIP), DJ Deeon, DJ Sneak, DJ Pierre, K Alexi Shelby, Derrick Carter…
& artists like Sirus Hood, Jamie Jones, The Martinez Brothers, Apollonia, Luciano, Gauthier DM…

Is representation important do you think, so young people of all backgrounds, ages, races, colours, sexualities and religions can see themselves on stage and aspire to be the same?

Diversity is richness, and I cherish this deeply. I myself am the fruit of very different cultures (Scandinavian/South-East Asian). The richness of others is their difference, art is exciting when it’s different. Embracing one’s uniqueness is so important. No matter the origins, gender, religion, sexuality, age etc, anything is achievable when the work, belief and passion is put in.

Where is your best environment as a dj? A small dark club or a huge outdoor festival stage? Late at night for the weirdos or early so you can play slow and eclectic etc etc?

Being able to adapt to different settings is important as a DJ. I have so much music that I never had the chance to play yet because I’m waiting for the right venue, the right crowd. Whether it’s a festival or an underground room, I love every situation. I do have a weak spot for ibiza villa afterparties though.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

I have very exciting releases coming up on some of my dream labels, and working on a new label. I have amazing upcoming shows that I can’t wait to announce!

Manda Moor – Péché Mignon EP released on Tamango Records is out now
Grab it Here