Mindshake celebrates it’s 60th release with it’s Argentinian prodigal son, Ariel Rodz. Ariel is no stranger to Paco Osuna’s storied imprint having released several solo and collab works thoughout the label’s near 15 year history.

And his title track couldn’t be more perfect. It’s PURE Mindshake. Sexy rolling basslines, accompanied by intricate and shifty percussion and the perfect amount of sexiness yet slightly dark wickedness. Literally, pure Mindshake.

Breaking Concepts follows right in line. Big rolling funky bassline, jacky percussion, killer synth hits… wicked yet subtle vocal injections. Mindshake to a T.

Long time Mindshake familyman Daniel Sanchez returns on remix duty with his much stronger and masculine take on Breaking Concepts. It’s big, it’s bold, and brings much more energy… a pure peak hour techno monster. The Mr. Hyde to Ariel’s Original.

Last but not least, Santé debuts on Mindshake with a super fun, heavily percussive, minimal tech take on the titletrack, Prototype. It is the perfect sound to round out this super hot, floor mashing EP.

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– jams
Jimbo James