Argy drops the third, and final, part of his ‘Interior Journey Remixes’… It may be often said, but when it comes to Argy ‘saving the best till last’ is most certainly true. After a monster year that saw him release the critically-acclaimed ‘Interior Journey’ album, which included the breakout single ‘Ketuvim’, the mercurial producer now brings the project to a fitting finale with a full release dedicated to the club smash.

As with all the ‘Interior Journey’ remixes to date, the EP has been a process of careful A&R consideration as Argy explains, “We thought long and hard about who to invite on this EP. It was important we didn’t have a collection of remixes that were variations on the same theme, so I’m absolutely delighted with the results; we’ve ended-up with incredible reworks that cover that essential trinity of MH&T, Indie and Electronica.”

And what a trinity it is!

Ae:ther proves why he’s one of the most exciting prospects in melodic techno with a remix that deftly weaves peak time power with melodic beauty. “Argy and I were in close contact throughout the production,” he explains, “unlike other remixes, the creative process came together very quickly; I immediately realised I wanted to create a ‘crescendo’ track. I had real fun re-imagining the deeper roots of the renowned original into something more melodic and cosmic, which is exactly what he wanted.”

Next, the track gets the indie treatment from two of the genre’s most revered exponents, Chaim and Jenia Tarsol. The duo are very close friends of Argy and actually had a preview of ‘The Interior Journey’ album before most, which they happily admit, “When Argy played us the album pre-release we asked if we could remix ‘Ketuvim’ straight away. At that time we had no idea the original was going to go on to become a summer breakthrough, it just leapt out at us. We immediately knew we could do something cool and interesting with it.”

Electronica honours go to Italy’s fastest-rising duo, Glowal and, once again, the remix was a result of close collaboration, “Argy and Renaissance set us a challenge with the remix,” they confirm, “they already had the other remixes under commission, so specifically asked us to put our breaks hat on, which as our fans may know, are partial to anyway. We’re really happy with how it turned out, we’ve been road testing the track at our gigs and the reactions have been massive!”

Argy – The Interior Journey Remixes Part 3: Ketuvim with remixes from Ae:ther, Chaim & Jenia Tarsol and Glowal is OUT NOW on Renaissance Records

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