DIRTYBIRD welcomes its latest addition to its discography today with the release of Ardalan’s debut LP, Mr. Good. The 11-track record takes us inside the mind of the young artist and the sonic impressions his experiences in Iran and San Francisco left within him. 

The album transports us to a territory of futuristic nostalgia, where classic sounds of analog synths meld with modern spacey elements. Ardalan ventures into a new realm of aural expression, as he explores new gear and emotions. 

Two of our favorites include ‘Mr. Good’ and ‘I Can’t Wait.’ Trippy synths and the sultry vocals of Party Patty on title-track ‘Mr. Good’ leaves us lingering on the fringe of reality, while ‘I Can’t Wait’ features a chandelier of soundscapes that create a visceral melody. 

Listen to Mr. Good in full here

Since his introduction to the DIRTYBIRD flock at the 2007 BBQ, Ardalan has embedded himself deep into the fabric of the label. He is now a 36-stop tour in support of Mr. Good, landing him in some of North America’s most intimate club environments, such as LA’s Sound, Sante Fe’s Meow Wolf, Chigao’s Spybar and Seattle’s Monkey Loft. See if Ardy is stopping in your city here.