After a career spanning over a decade, Ardalan has entered the next chapter of his career with debut album, Mr. Good. Released on DIRTYBIRD, his longtime label home and proponent of his burgeoning career, the forward-thinking tale just might be a push into new realms for the imprint.

“‘Mr. Good’ is about a story of self-acceptance. In some cases, we strive to be the perfect person. Yet, we never learn to be ourselves. We and society are forced to wear a mask to hide our true traits and flaws, which are the very reasons that push us to be a better person in this world,” voiced Ardalan in a press release about the message he hoped to send with the LP.

This feeling is audible in “I Can’t Wait,” a mellowed number with tinges of melancholy and haunting vocal samples from his girlfriend. It seems to tell the tale of loneliness or relationship hardship. This is hammered in by Ardalan:

“‘I Can’t Wait’ is a duet with my girlfriend. It’s one of the last songs I made on my album. Through the process, she was always waiting for me to watch Game of Thrones with her and would say, ‘I can’t wait any longer.’ I never ended up watching it. The song is open to interpretation for the listener.”

The track is already quite an outlier when it comes to recent DIRTYBIRD discography, with its rich accents and raw feel. It’s deep and nuanced, serving more as a meditative experience rather than a weapon meant solely for shaking one’s derriere on the dancefloor.

Ardalan will also be taking his album on tour stretching 36 stops across North America. Check out the stops below, along with “I Can’t Wait.”

Photo credit: Grady Brannan