Aus music undoubtedly topped our list of labels we LOVE last year and are off to a strong start as 2014’s signature sounds start to evolve and roll through our speakers.   Hailing from Bristol, Appleblims and Komon collaborate on the Jupiter EP-rightly named as this package is massive and full of good fortune, scheduled for release at the end of the month.

These British artists, otherwise known as Laurie Osborne and Kieran “Komonazmuk” Lomax, joined forces last spring for a bumpin’ ride in their Gas Jam/Silencio EP on Osbourne’s own imprint Apple Pips that caught our attention last fall upon hearing Arkist’s vivacious tunes.   With vast musical backgrounds that have lead them deep through the house wave, the duo now bring their potency to Aus with three pristine cuts.

Title track “Jupiter” has a light, cosmic quality that really lures you in with its persuasive beat and flows kindly through “Glimmer,” amping up the intensity with a jackin’ swoon that is sure to get some heads shaking.  Concluding on a mysterious note, “Beach Trek” has a percussive irregularity that is moody and refreshing, leaving you wanting more from this auspicious duo…

“Aus Music non-stop.”