After 7 years in the game, Apparel Music strikes again in style with a brand new concept. The main ingredient of this recipe called “Apparel Wax” is quality music, without any compromise or distinction.

Apparel Wax is the aka of an unknown/unanimated artist brought to life by many talented international ghost producers who, from now on, will be pulling Apparel Music’s strings.  He shares with us his Top 10 favorite tracks!

1. Goldie – Timeless

Goldie is an artist who perfectly represents what we love about English electronic music of the 90s/early 00s. innovative and timeless.

2. 3 Chairs – Dance of Nubia

How can you not love what this trio created. The synergy between artists is essential when making music together, and we know it very well, but such a dream team can only produce some extremely high quality music. And that’s the case of this ageless anthem.

4. Fred Wesley & The J.B.’s – Blow Your Head

the amount of influences and details present in this track is so high that it can become hypnotic. a real sonic journey

5. Moodymann – It’s 2 late 4 U & Me (youANDme EDIT)

A true gem by the Detroiter, one of our go to guys when it comes to soulful music. The way he created his very own sound,being a proud ambassador of his hometown yet being such an international icon is striking and inspiring.

6. Dimitri from Paris – Talking all that Jazz

A great example of how Jazz music can be used for greater electronic purposes; A concept we always try to develop. Here by another master like Dimitri From Paris.

7. Subjoi- Love Shy

A modern House music anthem by a producer who embraces the new sound like very few and embodies the recent change and growth of house music in its Lo Fi declination. The practice of Choosing and cutting samples never died but in the past years we’ve seen a substantial comeback of this noble art.

8. Salary Boy – There Is A Way

A fresh and joyful tune masterly produced by one of the numerous members of the Apparel Music roster and quite representative of one the genres we love.

9. Kemt – 100 reasons

Another modern House music anthem with more or less the same characteristics as our 6th pick.

10. The Heartists – Belo Horizonti (Original Version 1997 – Remastered)

Grazie Claudio, for what you meant for us and for music, for tour words of wisdom and your charisma. Thanks for being such an inspiring figure for many, surely for us.

-Apparel Wax

Turn it up & enjoy!