Earlier this year, we introduced you lovers to one of Houston’s Hometown Heroes who has been coming in correct on the production side as Extended Play along with partner Spettro.  Kind enough to give us this exclusive free download of Aphex Twin’s Windowlicker, we asked the guys a few brief questions about their current endeavors and inspirations for the track…read, listen, download, enjoy!

Who comprises Extended Play and where are you located?
Josh Dupont & Spettro from Houston, Texas.

Any exciting news on the production side of life?
Yep, we are building a music making factory! Its been a very busy year so far we just did a big remix of Black Noir Schwarz for our friends Psychemagik on Crosstown Rebels that was licensed for John Digweed’s brand new “Live in Miami” mix compilation on Bedrock Records all the while working on our first Extended Play album.

This track is really great. Tell us a little bit about why you chose it and your concept for the interpretation.
Thanks, it was a fun project to work on! Taking a cult classic (after watching it on VHS) and putting a modern twist on it while maintaining the original integrity AND making it DJ friendly… Super cool.

How is this summer shaping up?
Gonna be a hot one here in Texas. New EP’s coming out on Mexico City’s Louder Music, Vienna’s Imola-Music and a slick breakbeat remix of Houston’s own Paul Wall.

Thank you so much for giving the lovers this beauty! Very much appreciated
We <3 the lovers