Founded in August 2016, Barcelona’s ROOM FM has quickly become one of the city’s leading electronic music hubs, welcoming a host of top tier talent from the likes of Eats Everything and Anja Schneider through to FJAAK and Hito to their secret hillside HQ and a number of venues across Spain and Ibiza. Mid-June welcomed the arrival of the first release via their newly formed in-house label Room Records courtesy of Alexy Billon, aka Angioma – we caught up with the Barcelona based talent to talk music, production and more.

Hey Alexy, thanks for joining us today! How are you? 

All good, thanks for having me.

Your recent release ‘Path Of Radiance’ was the EP that launched ROOM FM’s brand new in-house label Room Trax earlier this month… How did it feel to be the artist to launch the project, and how did the tracks come together? 

I’m really exited to launch our label with my friend and associate Blanka and Desole from our brand Room. The ‘Path of Radiance’ EP just came together naturally, making track after track last year, and when combined they offer a really nice composition – creating the beautiful theme of ‘Path of Radiance’.

You also recently released on Christian Smith’s Tronic label, how did that come about? 

I’ve met Christian a few times. We played together at one of our parties and he’s also been to Room FM and we managed to talk and connect very well afterwards. It was important for me to be able to start my first releases via a label that I really look up too, so I have to thank Christian for giving me the opportunity to start with Tronic. It was a dream!

How would you describe your musical style/sound and which artists have been your key influences to date? 

That’s such a tricky question. I’m inspired by a lot of styles. I’d actually say my number one artist would be Marilyn Manson who has nothing to do with electronic music. If it comes to DJs and producers, I really look up to Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, KiNK, FJAAK and Frazier at the moment. I would describe my sound and style as a transition from house to techno. Tunes need that tough kicks and also the synth chords of proper oldschool house records.

You’re a regular guest on the station and have been based in Barcelona for a number of years now. What do you feel are the biggest things that ROOM FM has brought to the city?

I think it’s great to have a streaming station that can represent Barcelona with a beautiful view of the city.  A lot of people tell me it feels like Beverly Hills in LA. 

Spain’s house and techno scene has always been rich in talent – which other rising names should we be looking out for? 

I really dig upcoming talents like Regal, Enzo Leep and Blanka.  I admire the the styles of each artist and they all inspire me a lot.

Lastly, what else can we be expecting from yourself in the coming months? Any releases or key shows coming up? 

Next up is another track for Tronic Music on July 8th, followed by my first vinyl EP coming out on Room Trax in October. I’m super stoked also to have Yulia Niko and Ryan Crosson on the Wax as Remixers. All in all it’s a super nice and interesting package!


Angioma ‘Path Of Radiance’ is out now – purchase HERE.

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