Adromo & Chris Fortier have done it again. The two uniquely different artists have teamed up for the second time this year to release their ‘Gradient Skies’ EP on Rainforest Music, succeeding their ‘Shape and Form’ EP that was released back in March.

‘Gradient Skies’ will feature two original tracks by Adromo & Chris Fortier, ‘Gradient Skies‘ and ‘Let Me Go,’ which transition smoothly into one another and make for a soulful listening experience.

‘My music collaboration with Andromo continues to be very fruitful with two new tracks here. I’m loving the vibes we’re creating and to see our ideas come to life on the dance floor. Our new release, ‘Let Me Go’ is rocking along with a super remix from Jon Lee & Pattern Drama.’ – Chris Fortier

‘Gradient Skies’ will transform listeners whether they are on the dance floor or in the comfort of their own homes. Sounds of tropical ambience, supported by a meditative bass line promise to put the listener in a state of relaxation and uplift their spirits. 

The EP is set to be released next month on July 12th, and will be released on Rainforest Music’s Soundcloud for listeners. In the meantime, check out the previous EP from Andromo & Chris Fortier here.