Following months of teasing since the release of the title track back in September 2022, Moldovan DJ, producer, radio show host and label boss Andrew Rayel has finally revealed his third studio album, Lifeline.

It feels surreal to be releasing a new album after all this time,” says Andrew Rayel. “Since putting out my sophomore album ‘Moments’ in 2017, I’ve been on somewhat of a creative journey to reinvent myself and my music. ‘Lifeline’ is a true labor of love and showcases who I am as an artist; it’s a diverse album that strikes just the right balance.
Considered a rare talent even in the highly competitive field of tech-savvy global DJs and producers, Andrew Rayel is a classically trained pianist and musician whose soaring melodies and original compositions have the power to move all who listen. His recent released ‘Lifeline’ album limelights the incredible versatility – and the innate musicality – of its creator. Flaunting his melodic prowess across eighteen tracks (from lead trance track ‘Alone’ to ‘All Falls Down’ with Florentin Kyle Anson and three other never-heard-before songs), this body of work underlines Andrew Rayel’s intentions to remain amongst dance music’s key figures whilst giving all his loyal supporters a reason to smile.
As is the case with most album projects, ‘Lifeline’ proved the perfect opportunity for experimentation for Andrew Rayel. “During the pandemic, I started creating all these ideas. Some more progressive, some more melodic,” he says. “I got inspired by movies, art, reading, and listening to other people’s music, and that’s why the first half of the album is quite slow and very deep and progressive in a way. Of course, I also knew that the pace would pick up after the pandemic, so I wanted to save some space for faster and more banging tracks. And then there are the tracks that mean a lot to me on a personal level. ‘Feels Like Home’, for instance, was written for my wife, and I made a special version for the first dance at our wedding.”

“It’s this balance, this middle ground I found between all the different tracks, that makes this album really special for me”, Andrew Rayel concludes. “This album shows how I see music, and I hope all listeners can open their minds to it.