Hi Andreas, it’s great to have the chance to speak with you today. Can you tell us a bit about your earliest memories of music and what was the turning point where you decided to make this you career ?

Hey, I got in touch with music very early. we are a very musical family and already had some instruments in the house. I started playing the piano when I was about 6 years old, then when I was 13 I got the Groovebox 303 from Roland. I think this machine started it all for me.

You are set to release your album ‘Boundaries’. How was the creative process when working on this collection ?

Since it is my first album, I was honestly a little unsure how to approach the whole thing. So I just started to work on it. I spent the first couple of months just collecting ideas and trying to think as little as possible about whether it would all fit together. But since there was a deadline and I knew that the arrangement would be the biggest work for me, I had to make decisions at some point. But at that time I already had a nice catalog from which I could choose.

Do you have a favourite track ?

It’s not easy to answer. Let me keep it short, probably ‘Blossom’. The track has such a lightness of its own, I like it a lot.

How does the album vary to previous tracks you have released ?

If you have been following me for the last few years, you will have noticed that I have never really placed myself in a sub-genre, but I’ve produced a relatively large amount of downtempo tracks. At first I also thought that there would be a lot more downtempo on the album but i just went with the flow and I think this also made it quite colorful and permissive.

When working on the album was there a specific piece of hardware or plug in that was used throughout the entirity ?

The Minilogue XD is what I used for almost all tracks. And on the plugin side it is Omnisphere.

What five artists would you tip to do big things over the coming year ?

19:26 from Italy, Diazar from Mexico, Jacob Groening from Berlin, Chronical Deep from South Africa and Sacha Yonan from United Kingdom.

How is your release schedule looking for the rest of 2022? What can we expect to hear ?

I was of course very focused on the album lately. I’m currently working on a remix for M.age that will be released on the Meeronauten label from Hamburg. That’s it for 2022, we will see what happens next year

Pick up a copy of Andreas Balicki’s ‘Boundaries’ here.