Zee Germans are coming!! Released today on Monaberry is a brand new four track EP from the facial hair enthusiasts known as Andhim . The ‘super-house’ duo have been relentless in their quest to make us dance until our little  feet hurt, and this release is no exception. The appropriately named ‘Rollercoaster’ takes us on a ride that keeps things fun while forcing us to hold on tight. Monaberry label bosses and fellow Germans Super Flu lend their trademark sound to ‘Mr.Bass’, the standout track of the release. The accompanying music video of the group selling a magical cologne on a television shopping network is as awkward as it is hilarious. The EP glides forward with the title track ‘Rollercoaster’, which has dance floor crowd pleaser written all over it. Sexy samples and buttery basslines combine to create the perfect late night soundtrack.  ‘Batu’ shows a unique side of Andhim, playing as almost an intermission before plunging deeper with ‘Cloys’ which provides a dark and twisted vibe that really gets our blood pumping.



ARTIST: Andhim
RELEASE DATE: 2015-06-25
LABEL: Monaberry
CATALOG: 4056813003857