Hailing from New York but now residing in LA, Anakim, is an artist who has been carefully curating and crafting his own sound over recent years. Self-described as a style that is ‘melodically rich and delightfully sinister’, his take on house and techno has seen him play sets at Coachella, EDC, Holy Ship, Nocturnal Wonderland and more while also releasing via This Never Happened, Armada Electronic Elements, SOMATIC and Desert Hearts Black Records. Up next, he returns to David Lindmer (Afterlife) and Andrea Kaeri’s Running Clouds for his latest EP, ‘Return To Forever’ – delivering four rich productions combining menacing basslines, brooding synths and sweeping melodies.

“I was being pushed into artistic directions that weren’t true to myself over the last few years. People wanted me to fit a mould that didn’t resonate with my true being. This EP signifies a return to the sound I do best. The sound that comes from the purest place within me. This EP is my return to forever.” – Anakim

Anakim ‘Return To Forever’ is out now on Running Clouds – buy/stream HERE.

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