Ibiza-based Ampispazi Recordings celebrates a truly momentous occasion as they welcome in their much anticipated 100th release. An incredible achievement, Whatever Next is a three track EP that features original records from two of Ampispazi’s leading figures: label founder, Mik Santoro, and label regular, Ercos Blanka.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the track Siesta, Mik describes how “the music evokes those feelings of long, neverending, quiet Ibizan afternoons”, whilst Ercos provides a quote from the Roman philosopher Seneca to explain the meaning of his track: “There is a mutual benefit in teaching, because men, while they teach, learn.”

The atmospheric and enchanting White Isle is felt right from the get-go, as the docile tones of Mik Santoro’s Siesta get underway. Subtle bell chimes reside next to poignant synths, whilst the gentle kick-hat backbone provides a stirring overarching rhythm, transporting us to the Ibiza-sunrise moments of old. It is a similarly soothing affair in Ercos Blanka’s Seneca, with warm pads building upon dream-like keys. A mesmerising female vocal echoes softly in the background, leaving us in a haze of deep relaxation, before the ambient version brings things to a tranquil close. Serene, contemplative and beautifully crafted, it showcases Ercos at his best.

Italian-born Mik Santoro is no stranger to the electronic music sphere. Label head of both Ampispazi and Eyedyllic, the former has nurtured the careers of several up-and-coming artists in it’s near decade-long tenure, with the likes of Radical Fantasy, Hole Box and Fabio S finding a welcome home on the label. A regular of the label since his debut in 2012, Ercos Blanka is one of the scene’s most prolific producers. This year alone has already seen him release on Sound Avenue, Seven Villas and more besides, with Whatever Next set to continue an incredible 2020 for the Italian-native.

Buy Whatever Next here: https://snd.click/AMP100