Being able to take a step back, assess and approach a new project with no guidelines, boundaries or stress is refreshing for an artist. For those well known, the ability to create and release a project under a new name can also be hugely liberating. “Sometimes we go with what we think people expect from us and then profess tobe held back by creative barriers, when in fact these barriers are always creations of our own.A new name is like wearing a mask to a party, acting a different way and observing the reactions.” The thoughts of ALL IS WELL. The latest member of Luca Bacchettis ENDLESS family and an artist who seeks to take a musical tangent, displacing those barriers to test new waters. The monikered mask? To keep the attention placed firmly on the music itself.


Artist:  All Is Well
Title:  Hope All Is Well
Label:  Endless
Catalog No.:  NDL007