Proudly presenting her debut release, Berlin-based Painter, LoFi producer and singer, Alita Limona, invites us to her creative world which encompasses music that is based on Alita’s original paintings and sketches with her new single. “Flying Fish Fedora” has found it’s home on the Swiss-based imprint, Radicalis. We had the pleasure of chatting with Alita about the release;

Hey Alita, thanks for joining us today! To get things started, tell us a little about who Alita Limona is?

Hi and I am glad to be here! Alita Limona started out as my painting alias. For my painting sessions I always listen to Lofi playlists on Spotify, so I kind of build a strong and visual relationship to the genre. Lofi always makes me feel so easy and relaxed. The idea to produce my own tracks actually came, when I was looking for royalty free music to put under my speedpainting videos. It always takes a while to find music, that goes with the mood of my painting, so I thought “Why not produce some simple melodies myself and only choose sounds and harmonies that match the spirit of my paintings?” 

2. You write Lofi Hip Hop based on your paintings, how do you go about creating the ideas for your paintings?

My paintings are usually a mix of abstract and realism (mostly faces or animals), so it starts more wild with colors and brushes at first and then I see, what shapes evolve out of that. Next thing the painting slowly gets a character or a story. For my ‘Jealous Mermaid’ (the painting that my first EP is based on) I had a quite big canvas, so I started out with some big brush strokes, that soon looked like ocean waves. Next thing I painted a fish in those waves and at the end the shape looked like one of those fancy feather fedora hats, so I painted a mermaid, hiding underneath it. For some reason I picked a green skin color and only when my friend said, oh maybe she is green with envy, I developed a whole story out of it.

3. Once the painting is done, what are the next steps you take to turning your painting into music?

As soon as the painting gets a character or a story, music comes into place. The story theme of the painting might give some direction for the sounds as well. In case of my first EP the whole theme was the ocean and underwater life, so I played around with underwater sounds and cut off the high frequencies of my vocals, as if they are recorded under water.

4. Why did you decide to write Lofi Hip Hop instead of any other genre?

Because Lofi Hip Hop already inspires me while painting. The genre gives me so much, so I feel like I want to give something back to it. 

5. Do you feel there is a need for Lofi Hip Hop right now?

Right now and always, for sure! Lofi is the kind of music that calms you down and makes people feel cosy. If Lofi would be a person it would be the always smiling house keeper with a warm hearty energy, that hums little melodies while doing the laundry.

6. What is your production setup?

My DAW is Logic Pro X and I use NI Maschine as a Controller to feel more free in beatmaking and sample chopping. For my EP I uses Output Arcade a lot and might get it again soon, as I really loved how intuitively it is. I use mainly logic and NI sounds, but also love to use Splice.

7. Are their any Lofi artists you’d like to collaborate with?

I am only getting the bigger picture since I started my social media and whom I wanna follow and so on. So ask me the same question in 6 months, I’ll have some names for you by then

8. You’re from Berlin. What is the music scene like there? And is there a lofi scene too?

For me Berlin is a never ending source of inspiration for any kind of music, I would say. The energy is very urban, so not necessarily the number one Lofi inspiration. No purple pink California sunset beach Lofi aesthetics But the beatmaker scene is huge here. We have a monthly event called ‘Sample Science’ where beatmakers come together, get the same sample and 2 hours to create a beat out of it. The outcome is mostly 80% Lofi Boom Bap – so I’d say YES, Definitely a Lofi scene happening.

9. What are your plans for Alita Limona moving forward?

I just started on social media and will soon share more production videos. I would love to grow a little community, collaborate with other Lofi artists (especially other female artists <3) and discover lots of new tracks for my painting playlists. And then my next single of course!!  It comes out on the 17.09.21, so I’m excited what you guys think.

10. There is a massive billboard overlooking the busiest street in Berlin and you have been asked to write something on it. What would it be?

Whom are you really grateful for today? Send them a voice message! 

Flying Fish Fedora” is out now!