Kuukou’s next trick is an EP from a man who favours melodic house sounds: Alfred Heinrichs. He hails from East Berlin and serves up two sizzlers, with label head Simina Grigoriu and mysterious techno duo The YellowHeads tackling one remix each. 

Mini Me opens up the EP with slick drums that bounce and drive forwards below subtle synths. Its a smooth groove that will carry the crowd away into the night on a cosmic vibe. Dreamcatcher is even more suspenseful thanks to the long linger pads that seat it off. Its a marching beat once it gets going, though, and will rattle rib cages and club walls with equal force. Simina Grigoriu remixes with a subtle hand, layering in some fat low end bass that adds real weight. The synths and hi hats are more tense and uplifting, too, making this a perfect peak time tool. The YellowHeads round things out with a remix that builds and builds on a stepping synth sequence that really takes you higher. Its the final part of a vital EP. 

Mini Me EP is out now! Grab it here: https://www.beatport.com/release/mini-me/2256632