Shaun Reeves, one member of the Visionquest power force, teams up with good friend and industry veteran Alexi Delano for the next release on the label with two solid cuts that are deeply mystifying and hypnotic while packing plenty of groove for the dance floor. Title track The Breeze captures the senses with warm, dubby synths flowing and rippling throughout, evoking a sense of melancholy enhanced by Charlotte Carter-Allens vocals, while The Mistral rides with a deep chugging bass line as the mesmerizing vocals float and echo through the deep vortex. Over on the B-side, one of Visionquests favorite producers, the highly respected Thomas Melchior aka Melchior Productions Ltd is proudly welcomed onto the label to remix The Breeze, adding his unmistakable groove and distinctive percussive patterns. This is certainly a package not to be missed.


Artist:  Alexi Delano & Shaun Reeves
Title:  The Breeze
Label:  Visionquest
Catalog No.:  VQ036